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Everything is in America
Why does replit not create a office in the uk so more job places are opened.
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Many jobs for Replit you are able to do from home as long has you have over lap time with the US. For example @IanAtCSTeach and @DavidAtReplit are in the UK and many others as well


We’re a remote-first company - take a look at


I would love to work at replit when I’m older


I dont know how old you are but there are some teens that work for Replit. I think one or two are also students as well


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What is the minimum age for a job here?


That probably depends on your country’s laws, but I believe the minimum age to be a site moderator is 16, so most likely at least that.


Damn, The USA rlly ripped me off. i was born 2003 and arrived at USA 2008 where they issued me new birth cert., can I still work? who should I ask?

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Talk to the US government since Replit won’t take the legal risk.


I appreciate your suggestion to talk to the US government, but after careful consideration, I have decided not to pursue it. I believe it would be too risky for me since they didn’t believe the Arabic Birth Cert. when I arrived in 2008 what would make them believe it now?

Thank you again for your input.

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Yea if you dont have any other documents from your previous countries you cant do anything unforently. In a year you will be 16 though and possibly eligable.

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Hi Ethan,

I hope this email finds you well. I just wanted to acknowledge receipt of your response and thank you for your time. I understand that without any other documents from my previous countries, there’s unfortunately not much I can do at this time. However, I appreciate the information and will keep in mind that I may be eligible in a year when I turn 16 (in 2 yrs, LOL. June B-Day).

Thank you again for your help.

Best regards,

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do you mean @CoderGautamYT ?

He is not a replit employee he is a volunteer moderator like myself. And I was referring to Ironclad. 17 on his website IroncladDev

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Ok, thank you for the response

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