Is Scratch Good for Education and Beginners?

Nah, I skipped Scratch and started learning Javascript when I was 8.


The only side to scratch programming i couldn’t really grasp or seem to care to learn was creating custom blocks with adding in var and conditionals. I didn’t see the functionality in it, knowing there was.

Custom blocks are important!

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yes i know, but i didn’t feel like tampering with it.

What? Why would you make 7 year olds bear the pain of Scratch Jr.???


Please keep the conversation related to if Scratch is goo for beginners/education.


I at one point used custom blocks to do be able to make “comments” (// (...))
This was until I found out about right-click adding comments

Honestly, as somebody who has been helping kids learning coding in codedojo ( and I mean below 12y), I would say yes. But for who likes coding, scratch gets boring pretty fast.


I think Scratch is great for beginners to understand the basics, but I wish the teaching on the program was better instead of searching for a while trying to figure something out.

That I can understand. This is why I loved helping at codedojs session, but since my youngest is too old for the local chapter (and he is more into drawing now) … I stopped.

I think Scratch is a good way to teach the more simple concepts (since they don’t have objects and arrays iirc) and get them interested since they can build projects that they like. But I think JS, Python or another simple language you write line by line is better since they will be able to see what programing is for bigger projects/real world applications.


Scratch does have lists though, wdym, they’re probably even harder and more mundane to deal with as well. I tried. using lists is annoying

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I’m sorry but when did that happen

you didn’t know? Let me try to send a screenshot

Screenshot 2023-05-23 4.51.51 PM

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There is something similar to a array called lists that have similar functions.

I kinda bunch lists and arrays under the same thing, although I know changing values in lists are a little more iffy than changing them in arrays.


what is this
this is scratch

I think Scratch Cat and @element1010 (Replit’s cat other than MiloCat but MiloCat is just a regular cat) need to have a showdown :joy:

It was a joke

2nd grade?! That’s super young. Do you have any projects you have saved that I can take a look at?

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I’ve always found scratch as a useful springboard into more advanced programming, as it teaches the basics quite well while keeping it simple for inexperienced programmers.