Is Scratch Good for Education and Beginners?

It broke you? Don’t you mean…it < br> you? rofl

It’s not junior just easier. Personally I think scratch is really good.

Scratch is good if you’ve never touched code before because it teaches you the main concept of if conditions for loops and that stuff then what I recommend learning next is JavaScript to get used to coding then try learning python after that you can start learning harder stuff like C++, C# or Java

Yes that is very true.

C++? You’ve got some very high expectations.

I can say that 70% of people who code started with Scratch. Whatever it is doing is working because it’s showing kids code, and how it’s not the extremely-fast-typing-in-green-and-black-terminal-hacking thing.

What’s more: it’s making coding FUN.

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Thank the guy who created it
Honestly it would be best to learn some compiled language (one of the C family, Java, Rust, Nim, etc.) early on after Python and JS because then it would just be easier to use any languages almost immediately since they’re all very similar

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I oddly started with python first (by myself), and went to school and then got started being taught scratch. I don’t know why they were teaching scratch…the blocks are the documentation. The most I learned from that class is that I like listening to electro-swing when the teacher was huddled in a corner listening to their playlist.

No problems with readability there, anyone can understand it, even me. That is a really good positive.

Nah, I skipped Scratch and started learning Javascript when I was 8.


The only side to scratch programming i couldn’t really grasp or seem to care to learn was creating custom blocks with adding in var and conditionals. I didn’t see the functionality in it, knowing there was.

Custom blocks are important!

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yes i know, but i didn’t feel like tampering with it.

What? Why would you make 7 year olds bear the pain of Scratch Jr.???


Please keep the conversation related to if Scratch is goo for beginners/education.


I at one point used custom blocks to do be able to make “comments” (// (...))
This was until I found out about right-click adding comments

Honestly, as somebody who has been helping kids learning coding in codedojo ( and I mean below 12y), I would say yes. But for who likes coding, scratch gets boring pretty fast.


I think Scratch is great for beginners to understand the basics, but I wish the teaching on the program was better instead of searching for a while trying to figure something out.

That I can understand. This is why I loved helping at codedojs session, but since my youngest is too old for the local chapter (and he is more into drawing now) … I stopped.

I think Scratch is a good way to teach the more simple concepts (since they don’t have objects and arrays iirc) and get them interested since they can build projects that they like. But I think JS, Python or another simple language you write line by line is better since they will be able to see what programing is for bigger projects/real world applications.


Scratch does have lists though, wdym, they’re probably even harder and more mundane to deal with as well. I tried. using lists is annoying

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