I can’t make a new Replit team

I can’t make a new team. There isn’t a + button. Or maybe I’m just looking in wrong place.

Hi @mlguo1 , welcome to the forums!
You can now longer create teams, Teams for EDU is being removed.

Hope this helps!

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You can absolutely still create teams, even after Teams for EDU’s removal. Teams for Friends and Pro.

Well, at least, you’re supposed to be able to. Looks like there’s a bug, as OP’s screenshot shows.


Do you know when it’ll be fixed?

It’s probably while they sort out the issues with Teams for Edu’s deprecation (extra teams would make it more confusing). In the meantime, this Google Form should do: Replit Teams (that’s probably just for Pro teams, but you can try it)


Hi @mlguo1,

We’ve made the difficult decision to begin deprecating Teams for Edu. The deprecation began on November 15. Teams for Edu will no longer receive new features or bug fixes, and we’ve suspended the creation of new Teams and Orgs.

Teachers may continue using Teams for Edu until the final deprecation date (date TBD) when we will be removing Teams for Edu capabilities and code altogether.

We sent an email out to all admins and owners of Teams, but I apologize if somehow it missed your inbox.

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I think they are referring to teams for friends to teams pro not teams for EDU


So I can’t create a new team as of right now?


its probably a bug; reload, etc.