Games, Websites and Automobiles... (a sign that I'm bored)... Anyone want to collab?

I honestly am stripped of all inspiration and am wondering if anyone wants to code something - a game, website - I honestly don’t know.


What about a game named “drift shopping” ive been thinking about it for the past few hours.
Its a game where you are in a motor-powered grocery cart in a grocery/convenience store, accellerating at fast speeds. Your goal is to go to various locations in the store (shopping) and return to the entrance/exit area to win in a level, while experiencing very low levels of friction, just like drifting, the car term.
@RedCoder what do you think?

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@python660 Sounds cool - question though what laungage?

I am thinking of creating something (a website) to help the replit community.

@sonicx180 That’s pretty cool too - how would it help the Replit community ?

@RedCoder probably Kaboom.js for the language since it’s a game engine on Replit. I’m not taking part but I can offer help if needed or feedback a sort of tester if you will.

By supporting the builders in the community that are unknown

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@sonicx180 Nice! I like the idea! you would make it in html, css and js, right ?

No, next.js or svelte maybe

I don’t know either, so I probably wouldn’t be much help :frowning: I know python, html, css and js

It’s fine, we could build backend in flask

@RedCoder could I join in on that if you are doing anything website related? (I know Frontend stuff) I do have another couple projects (1 is a group that I am the owner of) that might delay me doing work everyday (I might have to develop a work schedule for that stuff)

Do you know react/next.js? You could learn at and

@sonicx180 no I only (barely) know simple JS and know quite a bit of Python. I’ll look into it though.

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Would be advisble for web dev :slight_smile:

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I’m mostly a front end developer but I do enjoy python and JS
I also know UI design and logo design.

@RedCoder I also do logos here are some I have made:

Salad 3

Website Commissions Co:


I use Canva and Procreate to make my logos. If I were to be apart of the team I would work on Frontend and possibly Backend (if I learn it quickly) I can also do the logo if you are doing a website.


Nice! I use Figma to create UI and logos.


@RedCoder Figma sounds like a good idea to use for collaborations and art and web design (since it has a feature of showing HTML and CSS for your designs).


@SalladShooter @sonicx180 Yeah. So think we could all combine our skills, maybe make something pretty awesome? It seems we all have some varying skill sets so we could create something pretty unique!