Games, Websites and Automobiles... (a sign that I'm bored)... Anyone want to collab?

@sonicx180 @SalladShooter by combining our skills, what do you think we could make? Any ideas?

@RedCoder some sort of website, maybe we could go off of what sonicx180 said:

Or we could do something else that could combine all of our skills to do something good. We could always put up a topic/poll to see what the community wants.

I like @sonicx180’s idea. What about you?


Thanks a lot, appreciate


Should I make a project and invite you both to it, @SalladShooter @sonicx180?


@SalladShooter @sonicx180 Invited you both!

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@SalladShooter @sonicx180 did you guys get my invite?


Never in my life would I have ever thought I would see Sonic say this. (Welcome to the community BTW)

Also can I join @RedCoder


@QwertyQwerty88 Lol. What languages are you good at?


(from my Replit bio)

Got it, sure! I’ll invite you but let’s move the conversation to the in-repl chat.

wdym, i’m okay/smh with python lol

Maybe I’m confusing you for someone else…

Can I join?
I know: Python, HTML, JS, C++

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Sure! But, I’m gonna stop it there cause we have enough people.

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so here’s some polls

Team name? (all AI generated lol)
  • ReplitShowcase
  • ProjectSpotlight
  • CreativeShowcase
  • ReplitProjectGallery
  • CodeCreatorsHub
  • ReplitInspire
  • CollaborativeCrafts
  • TheReplitShowroom
  • CodeProjectExhibit
  • ReplitMasterminds
  • ProjectPioneers
  • CodeCreativesShowcase
  • ReplitCreatorsCollective
  • ProjectExplorerHub
  • InspireAndCode
  • Other (reply)
0 voters
Frontend framework?
  • No framework (vanilla HTML, CSS, and JS) (Jinja falls into this category if we’re using Flask)
  • React (JS)
  • React (TS)
  • Other (reply)
0 voters
  • Flask
  • Django
  • Node.js
  • Next.js (Idk if this counts as backend, but if this wins then we use React)
  • Other (reply)
0 voters

Node.js means Express BTW, Idt I can edit the poll now tho

No, your not lol, python is just a story

:skull: the poll results lmao

I want to join. If it’s Flask or Express.js or something with just regular html css and js (no svelte, nextjs, or reactjs etc.) then I can help.

Edit: I know it’s full but I could be a great addition to the not-even-established-yet team…

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I would really want to join, but I’m already juggling 2 collabs… sorry, but I can’t join. Yet.