Free Private Repl via Encryption

Y’know about all of those unforkable repls? This is even better, because the creator isn’t trying to delete the code before you can access it, the code is stored right under your nose, with no way to access it without a password. This means hiding some code if not all of it, with the benefit of retaining access to the repl’s cover page.


I already had this, lmao. A while ago, I created a small library that utilized an advanced cryptographic algorithm to encrypt code and decode it when it needed to be executed. You couldn’t simply browse through the library code either, as it was protected.


ok… nice to know… where is it, is it published?


I broke it :skull:. I did something, and I broke the execute code function. I have to work on fixing it.

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is there git, revisions, history?

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It’s on one of my Replit alt accounts.

How many alts do you have? I wonder if by having an alt you can essentially hide code by blending into the crowd (url to server is in secrets, client is public)

EDIT: Just to clarify, I think that could be another alternative, the hiding in “plain sight”.

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