Finding Repl from link

You can find the Repl link by just going to /__repl on the website.


That method is not foolproof FYI.

What? I have never run into any problems using it. Anyway, you can also just use the Repl name and username:


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you can’t just do that because the repl name might have capitalization and same with the username.

Capitalization doesn’t matter for the username

And if the Repl name does have capitalization then you can just find it on their profile.

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yes, ive realized with the username, but what if its something buried? what if they’re like certain people who create repls and don’t perform trash collection? e.g. there was an amongus remake, but since guessing the capitalization was hard (was REMAKE all caps, was the title capitalized like a title?), you’d need to have a systematic method for getting the repl link.

EDIT: This might be good Feature Request material!

  1. try /__repl
  2. if that somehow doesn’t work, try switching the URL around
  1. if the capitalization is different, just go to their profile and search for it

and if person is using a custom domain, then you can try looking at their profile
or if it’s private then you won’t be able to find it ofc

how would you suppose i search for it? ive had bad experiences with the search bar, so I’m unsure.

… You know the URL/Repl name, search for that. in this case, search “launch roblox”

that probably will not work for less-than-concise-and-unique titles, e.g. what if someone makes “personal website” or many people fork the “amongus fan remake” repl, or if “roblox” is a popular term?

You know you can search a specific person’s Repls, right?

how can I do that? ctrl-f? thats inefficient

Some people link custom domains.

yea, does __repl always work?

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Yes. And if it doesn’t, the Repl is likely deleted.

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Yeah, I know.

Or private.

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Even if it’s private, __repl will still redirect to the Repl, it’ll just ultimately result in a 404.


Wouldn’t a deleted Repl take you to a 404?

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No, the redirect just would fail entirely, and leave you on the “Run this Repl to see the results here” page.

Apparently I didn’t see this, but dude, does this seriously look like Ctrl + F to you?