Launch Roblox on your Browser

That is not what I meant. I meant the link that looks like

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Nevermind I dug into your code a bit, traced that button, and see what you are doing. I’m not certain wether or not that is a ToS violation, but probably not.

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try clicking that button
Trust me

If anything happens, I will take the blame

No thanks, I see what that domain is.

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you know what it does :laughing: :laughing:

I opened the site by itself in a new tab with out the data on the end of it, and it’s fairly obvious.

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dont tell it to anyone

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i tested it first on my chromebook it blocked

Thanks for sharing this valuable information with the forum! It’s great to see members contributing and helping each other out.

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can you tell me a real way to get roblox on replit thats not laggy ill go to any off your replits uve made and donate @1000 to you

Very sad.


Roblox itself on replit is simply impossible, replit isn’t your laptop, I guess you could try using wine and stuff but it’s not worth it because replit is kind of slow and not meant for gaming

uh yea. sure illegal dowload a copy of roblox’s source code of the dark web. and upload it into you replit. For legal purposes this didn’t come from me

it wont work because im on a school computer i dont know why

Hi @kayleighanntugg , welcome to the forums!
It’s probably your school’s firewall or restrictions, not a Replit-side problem.

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This downloaded 6 Viruses onto my computer, don’t click it. :frowning: