Easy Replit Browser/VM/Firefox Tutorial

How to get a Firefox Repl in like a few steps:

  1. Create a Blank Repl
  2. Delete all its files (including .replit and replit.nix)
  3. Run firefox in the console
  4. Select firefox-wrapper.out with the arrow keys and press Enter
  5. Make a .replit file
  6. Make its contents the following: run="firefox"

Tada you now have a firefox emulator that you can run with the Run button (though I don’t think it has sound)


Dang, this would just be a proxy on non-firewalled Replit


What do you mean? :thinking:

Wouldn’t this be able to access any website from Replit’s own servers? (Essentially a proxy)

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Yeah it acts as a proxy, but I didn’t really know it was from Replit’s servers. (I guess I thought it went through your computer or something?)

This post was really just me trying to simplify all of those old/outdated Firefox/Chromium Repls into something you can make yourself

Sorry :laughing:, thought I’d point that out though.

Back more on topic, would I be able to access sites hosted from Replit with localhost on Firefox?

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No I don’t think so. Well actually maybe…:open_mouth:

I will try it. But I would say…no…because maybe it doesn’t really use a Replit server or an actual network/IP address. I could access the single Repl’s files that Firefox was running on, though. But you could do that with any Repl you own by going into the shell and going up a few directories.

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I don’t think Replit can do that… Lol…


Well I mean when you open a Replit website (like a *.*.repl.co) then use IPify or something then it gets your IP, so I thought it like fetched from your internet and passed it over somehow

I tried localhost on both ports 5000 and 3000, both to get this screen:

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No… That’s not… possible… AFAIK.


I didn’t think it would be since each Repl is kind of its own cloud container but it was worth trying in case (though someone probably would have discovered it by now if it did work like that)


Wait… How did you make that?

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Who are you replying to? Me?

And you can follow the tutorial to answer that question.

Replit is able to run executables (or at least DEB files), so I think that NixPkg just does that. I tried looking up the nixpkg and couldn’t find much docs/info on it but it’s still cool. And just to note:

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Hw do I create a repl like this?
Can I use Chromium instead?

Did you… look at OP?

Ik, but what does


*in the shell* not the console, as the console might not be bash/command line

So I just enter firefox?