Easy Replit Browser/VM/Firefox Tutorial

It is, if you followed the instructions



I was just using a NixPkg (I didn’t really write the code to open Firefox). They’re similar enough that it shouldn’t really matter though.

No, I did mean the console.

I wonder how far down you could go until it runs out of resources? (I guess I don’t know exactly what I’m saying, but like maybe since there’s so many incepted windows all emulating it then it would crash one of them or something :person_shrugging:)

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well, repls are kinda good at running firefox. The only bottleneck is X11 fwd/VNC refresh rate and internet/repl bandwidth and egress.


it. is. so. slow.

I would probably do more inside of each other but it is so tedious…

I just tried two different Chromium NixPkgs, and both of them said I needed root access in the command line (which Replit doesn’t provide to you)

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maybe it’s because I made a firefox repl a long time ago when repls were more powerful?

Or just spend an extra 5 hours writing a script to do it :wink:

And that’s the programmer life

Well, I guess since Prybar is removed by default, you have to use the Shell.

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sometimes they might have chosen a template which still uses prybar (e.g. some templates aren’t updated, etc)

If you use --no-sandbox, Chromium should work.

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What do you mean? Can I have an example?

Who are you asking this?

Hmm, okay! I will try this!

Like where do I put --no-sandbox? I tried Firefox and it worked.

put it after the command (e.g. your-command --no-sandbox)

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It only works for Chromium, so the Firefox and cowsay examples don’t make sense.

ok lol… ill still leave it up since im lazy, but with a few edits.