Docker in replit

How can I get Docker to run in Replit?
Repl link:

Already tried:

install-pkg docker
 -> command not found

pkg-install docker
 -> command not found

 -> multiple versions found:
    - docker
    - docker-client
 -> both run successfully, but the docker daemon is not started.

 The Docker website suggests this:
sudo apt-get install docker-ce docker-ce-cli docker-buildx-plugin docker-compose-plugin
 but I don't have sudo access.
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I don’t think docker works in replit, as it requires root

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I think dragon is right.

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As we all know. (Hopefully), is that root (sudo) in this case, cannot work on replit for administrative purposes.

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For EDUCATIONAL purposes, what if you gained root access on replit and did that? Then maybe it would work.

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Perhaps it would work, then.

How about Podman? It can use the Docker registry and doesn’t require root privileges.

Demo here: Replacing Docker with podman? The results are not what I expected! (Part 1/2) - YouTube


That might actually work! As long as it is on nix

Hmm… Let me try to use Podman to replace docker

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But I got lots of errors when trying to run podman

yeah, unfortunately podman can’t work either

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