Deploy replit question

if I deploy my replit using static can i host a bot application?

No because static deployments are only for HTML repls. So you cant host javascript programs like discord bots using it without publicly leaking your token


Or you can somehow get a server that keeps replit open so that your url stays up, but if you do that why not host locally?
(just hallucinating)

oh sorry so deploying a replit is only for websites

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not entirely, deploying is free for static HTML repls, and cost money for everything else, like your discord bot.

if i were to want to host a discord bot witch one would i use/ what would i do?

You should pay for deployments, or move to an alternative, such as Glitch or Do note that none of them have as many features (including a powerful IDE) as replit.

For Discord bots, it’s recommended* you use Reserved VMs.
*And by that I mean you probably have to

Autoscale would be nice (only pay for the usage) but it doesn’t work for bots.
You can only chose Reserved VM

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