Deploy discord bot replit


I would like to ask if I am willing to pay for the Hacker plan, can I deploy my discord bot privately?
I was a bit confused because everyone said in this link:Deploy replit question - #11 by fvillemin that can’t use Replit for discord bot anymore, so even though I pay for it I still can’t use?

Thanks for replying!

Oh I see your confusion.

Replit allows you to deploy static sites directly from your repl. A static site is primarily composed of HTML, CSS, and client-side JavaScript. Since it’s client-side, any sensitive data (like a Discord bot token) would be exposed to anyone who views the page’s source.

Discord bots, or any other server-side application written in languages like JavaScript (Node.js), Python, etc, require a server to run. These applications can have private environment variables that aren’t exposed to the end-users.

So, you can host your discord bot using replit, but static deployments will leak your token. That was the primary discussion there.


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