Day 5 - 100 Days of Code: If statements + Else, how to stop program from executing 'else' after if already answered

Please teach me how to stop the program from printing ‘else’ function after the result (“You’re Korg!!”) printed

Tutorial number: Day 5

print("Marvel Movie Character Creator")
ID1=input("Do you like hanging around? ")
if ID1=="no":
  print("Then you're not Spider-man")
  ID2=input("Do you have 'gravelly' voice? ")
  if ID2=="no":
    print("Aww,then you're not Korg")
    ID3=input("Do you often feel 'Marvelous'? ")
    if ID3=="yes":
      print("Aha! You're Captain Marvel! Hi!")
  if ID2=="yes":
    print("You're Korg!!")
if ID1=="yes":
  print("Then you're Spider-man!")
  print("Hmmm maybe you're not fit to be a Hero afterall :(")

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