Day 005 - Project 5 : "Which character are you?" Generator

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drink = input("Do you prefer coffee or tea? ")
if drink == “coffee”:
print(“Tea is better.”)
print(“Excellent choice.”)

This was written by a Brit lolol.

Built my very first Akinator :man_genie: style game with ‘if’ statements!

Day 5 of #Replit100DaysOfCode #100DaysOfCode.

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(This is a note mostly for me but where others can read. This is mostly just to keep me going and motivated to finish the 100 Days Of Code.)

Day 5- Day five went pretty well I would say. It was over IF and ELSE statements. I would say that I learned some new things with it. When I was testing it I learned what I was doing wrong on something before. So I am starting to get into somethings that I am learning newer about. Thank you you read this and hope you enjoy the journey.

Link To Code:

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