Cipher for python

Can you help me make a cipher for python. I’m trying to figure it out with other websites and it won’t work

Or can you give me the code for a good cipher

Thats great to hear that you’re trying to create your own cypher! I’ve made my own as well.

For starters, creating a rule set is very beneficial. once you created what cypher it is, create some example sentences, decrypting and encypting back. Once that’s done, you can use it as reference for when you’re coding it.

Things that could help you create a cypher could be a dictionary, lists and arrays, seeding functions, and hashtables. One great way to go about making it is when you are doing so is to decrypt or encypt one letter at a time implementing it in a loop with an algorithm.

There are also python modules for cryptography that can help you.

I hope this helps! If there are any more specific questions about it please ask! :smile: