After uploading my computer i cant enter my previous account because i ve forgotten my password. can u help me plz


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Hi @RomanDierniaiev welcome to the community!

How do you currently log into Replit? Using username / password combination or authenticating using Google / other?

thanks for ur reply. before it was saved on my computer. but after uploading windows all passwords have gone .

in russian version i can see my name is spelled corectly but in english is different, i relised it was someone
's else account wit the same name. my teacher cant see my works . n he said that i was seen on line 2 weeks ago
it seems i work from different account that was created 2 years ago but not by me///
i dont understand how i was able to join it

Hi @RomanDierniaiev if you have accidentally been using someone else’s account on your previous computer there is not much Replit can do to help. If it isn’t your account you need to get the other person to log in.

However if your projects are public (by default they all are, unless you have paid for a hacker plan and made them private) you should be able to go to the original account’s page and fork them.

Hope this helps!

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thank u, im just learning n didnt have any connections with hackers. i just want to get my password back n continioun my studies.

even now im writing from RomanDierniaev account that isnt mine. how could be? my account is RomanDer

Some one is using your account