Chat app: Opinions on hacker theme

Continuing the discussion from Chat with your friends!:

We now have a hacker theme exclusive to developers and tippers.

We need some opinions and testers for this theme (you will get free access to this theme for testing).

Leave your opinions in the posts below!

For now, I will leave the hacker theme public for a limited time.

Anyone who contributes by testing or developing the theme will get a developer role, which comes with free access to all themes and a cool green color on your username!


If I click this, is it some sort of sneaky thing to steal my cycles? IDK how it would w/o my SID, but I want to make sure.

No, unless you tip the Repl it just won’t work.

Perhaps you can make that option only appear if somebody tipped the Repl.

No, I don’t really want to, but if you click it, it won’t work.

My opinion on the hacker theme: [same as light theme, but with less styling]

Im poor :cry:


You don’t have it, though? It’s the same as dark theme but with more green.


like da hacker meme
imagine if it is

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I literally have it??? :skull:

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I made a gif, didnt know it was 2.05GB

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I’m making a hack to get free hacker theme :slight_smile:

Hackers who make hacks deserve the hacker theme.

lol sounds quite cool. will it be on CVE soon?

Do I get a prize :slight_smile:

Who wants the bookmarklet?

EDIT: Use Tampermonkey, not bookmarklet, lol. The page refreshes every time you send a message.


Then make an advanced bookmarklet that prevents those refreshes :slight_smile:

No, if you don’t do those refreshes it renders it useless. (Ugh, Flask).

Hmm… iFrame the page in itself, and apply the styling to the iFrame each refresh?

Hmm, that’s a good idea. But we’re getting off-topic, I’ll chat.

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me plz I already have tampermonkey

@OmegaOrbitals @Firepup650 @python660

I would rather you not use it. Maybe I should start banning people who use it.

how would you detect abusers? its just modifying client side code, and not XSS (what if it is XSS designed to change the theme, then I probably wouldn’t use it)

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