Cant join day 003

I cant Join this day 03 course please help…

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Have you done days 1 and 2 first? IIRC you have to do them in order.

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Indeed, you cannot skip lessons

Yes, I have completed day 1 and 2 but now I cant start day 3. I have tried many times reloading the page, trying after sometime, after a few days, But no Help Please help Me…

What happens when you try to start day 3?

Please send some screenshots of the problem so we can better help you.

this happens!.. see the message below

Did you try to log out and log back in?

Hey @youngcoder45 ! Sorry to hear you’re running into this problem. Could you please create a separate post in Replit Help with additional details about what you’re running into so our team can take a look?


@LenaAtReplit See I cant start day 03 the 100Days of Code(hindi) python Tutorial by Code with Harry


Yes I have completed Day 01 and 02 Course

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This is the screenshot of the problem that arises. See the bottom right message it prompts up when I start day 03 course.

Another thread here: we are investigating this.

I can repro this. I’ve notified the team, but in the meantime, you can fork any day of the course here:
And here is day 3:

It seems you’ve linked the wrong topic/post? I’m not sure.

I have Also Same Problem Help Me in this Problem

We have pushed a fix! Please let me know if you are still having trouble forking day 3.


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