I cant start day 03 the 100Days of Code(hindi) python Tutorial by Code with Harry

Please Help Me , I had tried almost a hundred times to start the day 03 course but the Message “unable to restart lesson. please Try again or contact support” is prompting. I have completed my day01 and day 02 course but now I cant start Day 3 Please Help.
I request You to solve my problem As Soon AS Possible.

Hey @youngcoder45, welcome to the community!

Please provide some screenshots/a video recording of the problem.


I tried myself and I have no issue. We need more information to try and help.


Try to reload website

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This message prompts up when I start day 3…

Try turning your brave shield off. The brave shield usually really messes with websites.

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I have tried Reloading, turning off brave shield, etc. But no Help…

Login out and back in also?


Hey @youngcoder45!

I am sorry that you’re having this issue. I was able to reproduce this and have sent this to the team. I will follow up once I have an update!

I am having the same issue please help me resolve it

I am sorry that you are having the same issue! I have followed up with the team to see where we are with fixing the issue and will revert back once I have an update.

Have you tried a different browser?