Zombie Paintball

I’m a teacher, so I say its “paintball” lol. This is my final project example for middle school coding class. It is their final project for the class (a trimester class.) I made it in scratch, and followed that up with HTMLifier, which I find to be a pretty awesome tool. Okay, go click zombies…


There are some obvious bugs that I think show the limitations of scratch, but its fun nonetheless.

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Hi @DaveBoyo !
You should try using TurboWarp’s compiler, to convert Scratch to HTML, and it looks just like how you would use it if you ran it on Scratch.
Maybe try making it mobile friendly?


I’ve thought about mobile controls, and I’ve thought the controls actually work pretty well for mobile, just smash the zombies with your finger lol

But, I’ve never heard of ToruboWarp, I will have to check it out thanks!


make it so the zombies move slower