Zig Language coming?

Wondering if there is any demand or request for the Zig programming language. Would be a good language for consideration.


I do not think replit is going to add any programming languages any time soon. AFAIK I heard this from a recent post. You can give this suggestion a shot but its a 99.999999% 100% chance of the programming language you requested getting denied.

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@lucsant I do not believe that Replit will be officially adding any more languages. However, with the templates feature, you can implement a Zig interpreter into a Blank Repl and publish it as a template so that people can use Zig.


I don’t remember hearing that Replit is 100% opposed to new programming languages. Replit moderators can no longer promote templates (meaning only staff can) but that is not the same thing. If there is enough demand I’m sure Replit will incorporate the Zig language. In the meantime, a community template can be made using a blank Repl as RedCoder suggested.


consider voting on Add Zig to REPL