You can't run this repl right now error

Problem description:
My repl was running fine for months and all of a sudden I can’t access it. I got the " You can’t run this Repl right now." error message, and I’m pretty sure my repl does not violate TOS, as it is a simple data scraper.

Expected behavior:
Running Repl successfully

Actual behavior:
You can’t run this Repl right now

Steps to reproduce:
Click “Reload” button again, issue still there

Bug appears at this link:

All devices (Chrome on Windows and App)

Update: The repl occasionally is accessible and sometimes i get this error.

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What exactly is the repl supposed to do (sorry, there is a lot of code there and I have to go soon)?

the repl is not opening

All it does is scrape data from crypto faucets by getting the website status and blockchain address, then uses a library to get blockchain data from that crypto faucet.

Anything related to crypto will get the repl bricked. Even if they don’t break the TOS, I suggest contacting support.


Can you invite me to the repl and i will read the code?

Are you sure? I have something in my code that has “crypto” in its name and it works fine it never got repl bricked

The name does not matter, if replit detects a connection to a crypto website/socket, it will usually brick it.

got it, i will fork his code and read it some

You realize you can view the code without forking or being invited right? Just click the view code button.

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You can’t send a connection to crypto sites, replit just doesn’t allow it xD.

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all the main code does is prints “Running server on 8080”

yeah try and view:

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The meaning of bricked is “Electronic device becomes unusable” so I think might have stopped your repl in the servers.

kind of explains the error 500 when I go to:

I commented the server code because it wouldn’t run and I’ll start it back up later. What I’ve seen is that it will run but throw SSL errors at me and never display the final page.

Don’t see why it would brick it, all I’m doing is pinging it and checking the response code, not using any special sockets.

Upon inspection of your Repl, everything seems to work fine. If this happens again, please send a screen recording and I’ll investigate further.

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The repl still is not accessible even after I disabled the execution of the webserver code. Is there any way to download my files as I am sure that my repl does not violate TOS.

Update: I just forked my repl and downloaded files. I think I may have been disabled due to an accidental bug where i made my bot send the fetch requests every few seconds instead of every hour. Will fix the code and reupload a new repl and delete the old one.