X86-64 Kernel Collab

Hi everyone!

I recently released a new NASM template, allowing you to create x86-64 (aka x64) Assembly programs inside of Replit! I want to expand my Assembly knowledge, so I am hosting an x64 kernel collaboration!

I am not very accustomed to x64 Assembly, or any Assembly for that matter, so I am mainly hosting this so I can learn from a user with more experience and eventually create programs of this scale myself.

I’m basically open to accepting just about anyone, but here are the requirements:

  • Basic knowledge of either x86 or x64 Assembly (highly recommened, but not required)
  • Can stay decently active

That’s all! I will be creating a team soon and inviting collaborators to join. Thanks!


Whoops forgot to create the team. https://replit.com/team/x64ers

I’m open to adding people without knowledge of Assembly, and I’ll do my best to explain what I know, but I still have absolutely no idea how to create a kernel :laughing:


So you’re making a kernel? Then since you’re bobastley I guess we’ll have Rick Roll OS. Fun idea.

Valid point there…
But if you’re doing it seriously, then probably not a good idea.


Finally! A reason to promote my Rickroll website! I’ll just shove all of the images and binaries on there! (That is if we get any participants in the first place)

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Well I want to join, but I can’t find any assembly tutorials.

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I was looking online and didn’t really find much either. Low-level development is way past its prime.

If you would like to join, let me know. I can teach you to what I know about x64 Assembly, which isn’t much, but it should give you a better understanding of how to actually design some extremely basic programs. I don’t believe I have the skills necessary to make a kernel myself, which is one of the main reasons I’m even hosting this collab.

(Would like to add, ChatGPT is your partner when coding Assembly, or really anything for that matter. Because of how obscure stuff can get, its easier just to ask AI for a quick overview on xor or something.)

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Honestly, it’s more about just creating something that works, regardless of how unusable and ridiculous it is. I’m honestly open to just about anything, that is if we even get past booting into the OS in the first place.

(I can kind of agree though, in practicality making a Rick Astley-themed OS is probably not the best idea :laughing:)

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Assembly isn’t a big problem since you don’t need much of it.



Can I join? I know some Assembly.

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Oh, I completely forgot about this :laughing:

I deleted the group because I didn’t think it was going to get any interest, but I’ll make one later and follow up.


Alright, making the group now, you should get an invitation within 5 minutes.

Edit: You should have received an invite.