Wrong time for posts shown

Everyday, I try to read every topic. It’s just a habit of mine. Recently, however, when I scroll down to days of 1d ago, I come across topics that seem to show that I haven’t read them!
I realised the issue is that even though the Topic page shows 1d and the last post was by OP, when I click on it, it’ll be a Replit Staff (usually AdamElchert3) reply! And, it was 11h ago, not 1d! This means that I could be missing a number of topics!
Time shows 11h:

But the pfp shown isn’t Adam, nor is the timestamp correct!

It shows I posted as unread!?

But it’s the wrong poster:


@NuclearPasta0 pointed this out in VIP Lounge.

Good to have a solid bug report thought. Pinged replit staff there so not going to ping them here


I have just encountered:

  1. A 6d ago thread that the last reply was 1d
  2. A 7d ago thread that the last reply was 2d
  3. (The final straw!) A 8d ago thread that the last reply was 7h ago!

They didn’t show in 1d, 2d, or 7h. They showed in 6d, 7d, 8d. Please fix this!