Wrong expectations of the code

To Whom it may concern,

I am writing in regard of Day 13 challenge.
The challenge itself wasn’t the inconvenience. The inconvenience was the fact that the task was to round the answer to 2 decimal places, which is understandable (i.e. 13.23) however a bit difficult if the answer ends up being a whole number (79). In the video, at 0:35 the output says 79.00.

I have finished the task and everything was working fine until I tried to test a score 60/100, which always returned 60.0 (and not 60.00 like in the video).

I spent around an hour trying to make it work and ended up getting the solution (out of the scope of the lesson, but I am grateful for amazing explanation) in the ask.replit - shotout to those guys, they are fantastic.

When I looked up the solution to the challenge, the result is rounded using just round(variable,2) and when you run it, it returns 79.0 instead of 79.00

Could the video maybe be edited in order to prevent future ‘one-hour-pondering-over-what-did-I-do-wrong’?

Regardless of this, I am very satisfied with the course and I love it. You’re helping millions :blush: