Write a program in Qbasic to find area and volume of a cylinder

Write a program in Qbasic to find area and volume of a cylinder

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Fist thing you must ask about your problem is:

  • What is the actual formula?

The area of a cylinder that you want to calculate is a surface area. The formula for the total surface area is A=2π.r(r+h). And the volume of a cylinder is V=π.r²h.

That being said you will need to accept user input (to enter the radius and height of the cylinder).

Perform the calculations using the input values and display the results.

When you’re writing your program remember to:

  1. Declare any variables you need.
  2. Use INPUT statements to get the values from the user.
  3. Calculate the area and volume (storing them).
  4. Use PRINT to display the results.

You can add a error checking if you like.

Good luck!