🚀 WIP Typing Game - Suggestions/Ideas?

Operation Perihelion :rocket:

A Space-themed Typing Game [In Development]

Did I put this in the right category?!

What’s Happening

I’m using Godot to create a space-themed typing game. It is based off of a tutorial series (check it out here), but will hopefully have more interesting features added in as I continue working on it.

I finished the tutorial pretty quick, and I’m already adding more things to the game. Currently, I’m looking for suggestions or ideas to add, but it’s hard to get attention/feedback on the main site.

Right now I’m working on creating ‘word lists’. Each enemy gets a random word assigned to it from these and the player has to type the word correctly to destroy said enemy. If anyone has any ideas for a list of words (e.g. food-related words, list of animals, etc.) that they’d like to see in the game, feel free to suggest your idea! If you’re thinking of something else entirely, still share your suggestions anyway!

Head empty. What do you want ideas on again?

Word lists These are the words that show up underneath each enemy. The player has to type these words to destroy each enemy. Currently the game uses a list of '100 Common English Words', and each enemy spawns with a random word from this list. These lists don't have to be made of only words though. E.g. I've already been thinking about 'Numbers Only', 'Symbols Only', or 'Replit Usernames' modes.
UI? You can try looking at the images below to see the layout of some parts of the game. See if you like it, or not. Note that the game is still a WIP though.
??? Anything else that a typing game would have. For example, what type of scoring system would you recommend? Are there incentives for the player (e.g. ranks, titles)? As far as scoring goes, only a Kill Count (of enemy spacecraft) has been implemented. Some things may be harder to implement as I haven't figured out how to create a save system yet. Who knows if I ever will.

“Can’t/won’t read. Your main point is?” - TLDR;

  • I is making something → New game. It has :rocket: in it.
  • Ideas → Need these. Yes. Need for new game. :bulb:
  • So… → Pls help brainstorm and share ideas :pleading_face:


Main Menu
Gameplay Screenshot

Links for curious people

This post is longer than I thought it would be. (*゜ー゜*)


Maybe get some inspiration from the monkeytype’s website options and configuration, such as punctuation, numbers, quote.

Sentences would probably be a good addition.

There needs to be a system that rewards both good speed and good accuracy.

Any game should have some depth to be fun. Some ways to add depth is powerups, effects and enemy attributes, enemy variety, different gamemodes, other game complexity.


I love Godot as well (shameless game placement), but how is it related to Replit at all?

uh, it isn’t? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


The original plan was to have the game hosted/shared on Replit once I finish it. Does that count? I have hardly used Ask before, so I still don’t know what exactly fits on here and what you can share in this category. :sweat_smile:

Although, with the recent changes Replit has been making, I’m actually reluctant to host/‘deploy’ anything there (and may not even be able to).

(Nice game btw, though my platforming skills are definitely questionable :joy:)


On this forum, something is considered off-topic if it’s not related to Replit or programming.
So, I think you’re fine :slightly_smiling_face:

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Probably. It’s alright, just as long as you’re not doing like, Unity or something (I guess that would also be fine if you’re gonna make it a webpage). Even my game is(/won’t be anymore due to Deployments) hosted on Replit.

Same. I’m moving my most critical and important apps to GitHub and using github.dev to edit them.

Thanks, I made it back in Summer of '22, and I’m now developing a sequel with more lore drops and stuff. (I also attempted to make a Fandom wiki for it :upside_down_face:)


I’d forgotten that Monkeytype exists, it’s a good starting point. I’ll be experimenting with how I can implement these later on, thanks for the suggestions. :slightly_smiling_face:


Is there something against Unity, or…? But yes, a webpage would likely be the easiest way for me to host stuff. Problem is, it makes the source code visible and easily downloadable, so the final thing might just be a redirect to Itch.io :man_facepalming:

Good luck with development, your series has got potential! :smiley:


No, but I was just saying that something completely unrelated (but ig Unity ≈ Godot) wouldn’t be posted or whatever (idk im kinda going insane :upside_down_face:).

Idk about that. It’s about the same as a player decompiling your game’s EXE file, soooo idk.

Thank you! The idea came from the single Itch jam theme, “heal”. Crazy, because since I released it, it’s now been a hit among all my friends and family.


I could be wrong, but didn’t unity have a massive backlash recently?

I think so. Like, they introduced a fee per download of someone’s game or something?

The article is gone now, here’s a wayback of its original state:

Oh yeah, leather on unity released this btw:

Ah right, I vaguely remember that. I learnt Godot first and ended up not learning any other game engine (yet), so I didn’t look into that too deeply.

Godot is free, and therefore superior. :muscle:

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And easier. And open source, etc…

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Guys let’s please keeps this thread on-topic

How did this go from asking for ideas to “unity = bad and godot = good”

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Basically that Unity isn’t appropriate to post in this category but Godot somehow is

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