Will the free plan still exist in 2024? Free plan

No, you won’t be charged no matter the static deployment assuming that you are under your egress limits.

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Wait, so having to fork replits in order the run them was intentional? i thought that was a mistake replit made.

@OwenStritz yes, it was intentional by Replit to remove the run button and make people fork.

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Hi, I’ve been using Replit for a long time and hosting my Discord Bot here, but why is it that in 2024 my BOT will no longer operate 24/7 even though I have made uptime for my BOT and the link from the domain has changed to numbers and random numbers. And the BOT will be deactivated after a few minutes, has Replit removed the Free Plan for its users now?

Replit did not “remove” the free plan.

But you now must pay to host a bot or dynamic website.


It is May 14th and there is still no free plan that I can see so were is it?

Hey @imc0607a welcome to the forums!

The Free Plan is the base one used. You cannot select it from the plans, it is automatically set for the user. I hope this helps!

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It also has to have a shorter link unlike the “riker.dev” with the random bunch of numbers.

Shouldn’t a free plan include a “replit.app” or “replit.dev” like “pages.dev” based on the one Cloudflare uses or any other web-based hosting solutions that can run for over 4 - 6 hours or less depending if they decide another time before shutting off if the owner hasn’t checked on the website for the 4 - 6 hours? it should at least include an option to run it for an hour or two.

Replit is just choosing to kill off a majority of their users just so they can roll in the revenue they get from the few paying.


I can probably do the thing I want to in w3schools

@imc0607a it would be a good idea and useful to the users, but sadly it’s not required to happen.

Can they at least shorten the “riker.replit.dev” like I don’t need over 50 characters long and make it at least 10 - 15 at the longest 20 not 50.

@imc0607a the URL they give is a development URL, and is not mean to be used for deployment. A long string of numbers is giving probably for uniqueness in their database (I don’t know, I could be wrong).

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I believe it is the repl’s ID, with some extra digits.


You can deploy your repl to make the link shorter or connect a custom domain.


Anyone know where I can find my development url? Need it to make websockets work and I can’t find it for the life of me. Thanks in advance

Using the New Tab button on your Repl’s webview will pop it out into a new tab, and the url will be there in the URL bar for you.