Will someone make an AI chat bot for me?

I want to embed it on solar sales companies websites. Right now I just need a start. I want it to qualify a consumer for solar. I can provide a list of qualifying questions. I don’t want it to mimic a person necessary, so if it’s asked a question like “will you marry me?” it replies that it’s a bot and cannot marry you. personality should be informal, friendly and knowledgeable.

What should I provide to do this properly?

Hi @JeffreyLoyd , you should post this as a bounty.

Please take a look at https://docs.replit.com/bounties/posting-a-bounty to help you get started.


Thank you! Do I delete this post and redo?

Hi @JeffreyLoyd no it’s ok as I can close this topic unless you have any further questions.

To post a bounty you need to go to the https://replit.com/bounties page.


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