Why replitURL was changed?

※ I am a junior high school student in Japan. So if you think there is something wrong or negative in the English language, don’t feel that way. Please understand.

2024 year began. It was then that I have a question. I was making a program with html, php, and so on. URL of website made in Replit have benn “https://“+repl_title+”.”+account_name+”.repl.co” since last year.
However in 2024, URL was changed.
I want to know why URL was changed.
It was so pure question but I want to know.
Someone, please tell me.

Replit hosting has changed. They no longer allow you to host for free, you’ll have to pay for deployments. The url has been changed to a replit.dev url that only you can see

Check out this post for more info:

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Hello @BellRin, due to Replit changing from legacy hosting to deployments. You are required to deploy your app to get a custom URL again.

I’m happy to know it.
But why replit changed hosting?
I also want to know it.

Hey there! Replit is a company that for the past few years, they gave free hosting. It would be impossible to get a steady income for providing all these free tools to developers so they had to make a lot of things paid.

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Oh, I see.
I don’t know about the past of Replit.
I should know it more…
I’m happy to know it.
Thank you!

And then.
I want to deploy repl.
But I don’t have own credit card.
So I can’t pay.
Then I found cycles or bounties.
Perhaps, I can earn money on Replit.
How can I earn money on replit?

You get Cycles by completing bounties. After getting a certain amount of Cycles, you can cash them out for real money. Alternatively, there will be a feature that allows you to convert Cycles to credits which can be used towards deploying.

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How can I complete bounties?

Go to replit.com/bounties and apply for Bounties you find suitable.


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