Why is replit detected as a virus

so when i made a project on replit and added it to my website the website got flagged beacuse it aparrently has a virus so i was confused so i scanned my website and came to a conclusion that replit has viruses but blank repls are fine here is virus total scan VirusTotal - URL - fbb6dfe0805b278d05c51791cb08741f3b657087b3d6ca9376f506a1bfb41690 does anyone know if replit is safe?

Weird, but Replit definitely isn’t a virus lol.


ok cool that is good to know thank you!

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That was only one out of many different security vendors, and some of these vendors can be a little overkill sometimes. As @QwertyQwerty88 said, it was a false positive, but it may have something to do with the fact that countless amounts of users have installed Nix packages from around the globe, and I bet something could have been a virus of some sort.


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