Why is my code inconsistent?

My code works sometimes but it’s inconsistent and changes everytime. Why does this happen???
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It probably changes because you are using random numbers in your code instead of set numbers.


I tried implementing a system to prevent random numbers for being selected twice but the code is still inconsistent.

If you don’t like random numbers why are you generating them?

I want to generate a random code for lobbies.

…I guess I don’t need random numbers but I like the idea of them so i’m using them here.

You are not generating unique ID lobbies (just random ones), so, you can get lobbies with the same ID (which can cause overwrite).

Your lobbyFindServer function assumes that lobbies is never empty when searching for an existing lobby. If lobbies is empty, the for (i in lobbies) loop will not run, and lobbyMakeServer(Id2) will not get called.

And I suggest making lobbyId a local variable too.


I found the solution after experimenting on my own, the problem was Object.keys(lobbies) wasn’t counting the amount of lobbies but it was fetching the LobbyId. This was fixed by doing Object.keys(lobbies).length.


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