Why do renamed files and folders reappear during play?

Why do renamed files reappear during play?

Post by John Ammons.

Recently, I was playing Doom 2 in Dosbox when it crashed.
I rebooted Dosbox and decided to rename the Doom folder and suddenly, it duplicated itself with the name that the Doom folder had before.

And the same thing happens to files, too!

-John Ammons (Pikachu)

I sometimes see this too. Rename a file under certain circumstances, the old file name reappears too, try deleting it, it still reappears, delete again, it stops.
Does anyone know the specific circumstances in which this may happen?

I’m guessing that since replit stores file version history (even for deleted files), in the editor when a file is deleted, the editor might not recognize that it is (for example, the tab may be slow and say “No file at this path” or something) and it could attempt to read it or revert it or something? Maybe this happens when resource usage is high.


It might be something to do with how if you delete a file or (may even a folder), and make a new one with the same name; the old contents will still be there.