Why did Replit change

I know that every coding platform changes, but why did Replit do a big change? Or why did they change at all. They have 20 million users and their platform is worth 1,200M. Why change to earn more money if they already have a ton of money? I am asking you this because my friends keep on asking me why Replit changed. (They mostly play the games on Replit, they don’t code)

I told you this already! I thought you understood it.

I don’t plus my friends and I made a bet and they’re making me do the work and screen shot the solution.

What do you mean?

Anyway, I’ll reexplain. They have to get greedy or else it’s a wasted opportunity. Being in Replit’s shoes you would have probably made the same decisions (or similar ones).

I wouldn’t, I would be SUPER excited that my platform is 1,200M and that it has 20M users. I just hope they change soon. Hope that they are looking at how many people that are leaving replit.

Is it really that much though? The paying customers are happy, so the paying customers aren’t the ones leaving. That means they’re losing no money because they’re losing no paying customers.

Yes, but even paying people are leaving. Like @Bongocatboi, he left because the community had no comments and they turned off all repls. He paid for cycles, but left

They’re killing off Cycles anyway, because streams of income are stronger (if you know anything about business). So they don’t really care about him leaving. And in the grand scheme of things, that’s just one person. If you have a platform that works really well for you, like no other platform could match it, why would you wander away and try to suffer with other platforms?

Bruh, i’m 13. Teens are stupid this age. lol

Ha! Good one! I earned all my cycles from tips.

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bruh, how? That’s so crazy

They literally removed the “Run” button on people’s repls. That is just inconvenient.

theres was a very nice guy

i know right that was a pretty bad decision


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