Which template do you use?

Which template do you use for 100 Days of challenge?
Here is the deal: at first I was using default template for the challenge which had no IntelliSense, but then around day 30, I decided to create my own Repl to thinker with Python and the prompt asked me to choose a template. I typed python and chose the first one. The one I chose had IntelliSense enabled. Now every time I go on with the challenge it opens the challenge in this IntelliSense-enabled template. And to be honest it feels a bit like cheating…
So my question is which template do you use? And second question is: how do I get back to basic template without IntelliSense?

Thank you all in advance!

Hi @MaksimsP1 , welcome to the forums!
What do you mean by ‘IntelliSense’? Is it Code Intelligence or GhostWriter?

Hi, where can I check exactly which one of these is it?
It is pretty smart in suggesting chunks of code depending of what i have written already. For example I have a list and would write a single word ‘if’ and it would give me like 5 lines of code that I could put in an if statement related to that list.

Ah, that’s GhostWriter, completely irrelevant to whatever template you use. It’s a new feature that Replit has just released. You can turn it off by clicking the GhostWriter button at the bottom-left of the file and uncheck the checkbox.
Hope this helps!


Thank you! Found it! All seems to be good now!

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Then how come I see a solution marked? (:

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