Where's the Format Index Code button?

You know the format index code button that formats/prettifies .html nicely? I do not see it – running on Safari – yet my students, using other browsers, do. Is this a known problem? Because I really want that functionality!

Hi @mprogers I just created a new HTML / CSS Repl using the default template and, on first loading, the format index code option does not appear top right of the code window.

However when I remove some of the returns or add text it appears as shown below:

Unfortunately I cannot test Safari for you as I don’t have access to a Mac at the moment. Can you please try the same test and post a screenshot of your Replit UI?

I figured it out … for some reason in Safari, Enable Content Blockers was checked, and Pop-up Windows was sent to Block and Notify. I set them to unchecked and Allow respectively, and that solved the problem. I’ll leave this in case any other Safari users run into this …

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Great idea @mprogers and glad you figured it out!

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