Where to find mobile Ghostwriter features


I’m new to Replit and have renewed interest learning about the Ghostwriter feature has I have disabilities making it hard to code the way I used to.

Are the generate, transform, and explain features available only on desktop? I don’t see a way to open the context menu containing these on mobile. I’m also not finding this mentioned in the documentation.

I’m mostly on mobile, unfortunately.

Thank you.

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That’s an upcoming feature. Hope you enjoy when it comes out!


Could you clarify specifically which ghostwriter features are or are not available on mobile? Do you know whether pasting code with the chat offers the same functionality?

Do you know if the chat history is available anywhere?

I don’t think any ghostwriter feature is available in mobile devices right now.

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Thank you. The chat is available on mobile, which I think does most of the features, it’s just a little more awkward.

I’d recommend keeping a web browser instance open with ChatGPT (Whose UI is performant and mobile-friendly) in the background while you code on the Replit app. I know it’s not an ideal solution but unfortunately it’s the closest thing available until Replit adds Ghostwriter to mobile.

To repeat, there is Ghostwriter Chat support on mobile already.

Of course, ChatGPT also exists and can be helpful.

Do you understand that Ghostwriter Chat does work on mobile?

The documentation also states code completion works via swiping right.

I ended up appreciating the ChatGPT recommendation. The feature that turned me back to ChatGPT was access to conversation history.

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