What's the URL for viewing my 100 days of code journey?

I’m unable to launch day 83 of my 100 days of code journey using: “https://replit.com/@GautamDogra/Day83100Days” getting 404

You will need to create a Repl from the course to access the link.

usually when i click complete lesson, you have the ability to see the “journey map” under the lesson, where you can click to start the lesson. It’s that view that i’m unable to return to, as i previously clicked to complete the lesson - which is currently disabled

If it doesn’t appear, you can go to the homepage and click the lesson of the course you want to go to. It will send you to the lesson link and you can start the lesson from there.

what would be the home page? if i remove “Day83100Days” from the end, I just end up at my profile page

remove everything until you end up with “replit.com”.

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Thanks for the help. It seemed so basic, and yet it really threw me! :frowning:

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