What's happening to Cycles?

Recently I’ve heard some cryptic stuff about Cycles being discontinued, Cycles being converted to Bitcoin, etc. So I have two questions:

Do Cycles still exist?


If so, are they still useful?


Cycles are not being discontuned and cycles are not being being convted to Bitcoin.

Are the useful is different for each person. It can be used for bounties and to be cashed out (if earned by bounties)


So was that Tweet by Amjad just a joke, or…?


I’m assuming it’s a joke since other staff said they are staying


And it would probably have no purpose anyway since they’re only used for Bounties now.

I thought you could use them to purchase Deployments too…right?

Edit: I just realized you can’t

What even can you use them now for then, anyways?

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You can use them for bounties…

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Just to clarify ALL THE DETAILS here. Most of the uses for cycles were discontinued many months ago - cycles are most prevalently used for bounties. If you try to create a bounty, you have to purchase 10% of the bounty’s worth.

However, the primary things they used to be used for, like Always On, have been removed because of the deployment update. They are also no longer earned by activity in the community (though that was a super old thing, a mid-2023 update got rid of that).

To answer your final question, however, cycles are still in use, and they remain useful, but cycles aren’t given out for free - you need them to accept or create bounties.

And, as @boston2029 pointed out, (thank you!) due to the fact that subscriptions provide a cash flow which is a more reliable pricing model, people continue to use it.

I hope this helps! :smiley:


And because subscriptions provide a cash flow which is a more reliable pricing model and keeps people on it.

@boston2029 Thank you for pointing that out.

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