What should we use: GitCDN or FreeReplCDN?

If you don’t know about GitCDN/FreeReplCDN, check it out here:

Now, I want to ask the community, which name should this project be named as, and why?

Clarification: GitCDN is the username on Replit
and FreeReplCDN is the username on Github

What name do you like?
  • GitCDN (the replit name)
  • FreeReplCDN (the github name)
  • Other (please comment!)
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What name do you like (ext)?
  • GitSwiftCDN (the SalladShooter name)
  • CatCDN (the SnakeyKing names)
  • SpaceCDN
  • FileVault (apple knockoff by SnakeyKing)
  • FileBank (SnakeyKing’s favorite)
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Please tell me what is GitCDN and FreeReplCDN?

Its basically a free CDN service powered by github

GitCDN is the username on Replit (@GitCDN)
and FreeReplCDN is the username on Github (@FreeReplCDN)

Should be GitCDN since it’s powered by GitHub.

How should I design the logo then:

Put them both? (since I can’t really make the github username say GitCDN)

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Please be careful about what images you use.

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So, I used octocat pointing at replit. Normal, not claiming to be Github official nor Replit official. okey right? now, gitcdn doesn’t infringe on replit, but it might on github. We wouldn’t want to be the unofficial CDN that everyone thought was github’s and was :100: legit safe. Now, freeReplCDN doesn’t infringe on replit (its a free Repl CDN, not official replit CDN), and it doesn’t infringe on github. However, the account name on replit could still be gitcdn because the url is gitcdn​​. rep​​‌‌l. co, which isn’t github-hosted (because it’s repl.co), while the service is still referenced as FreeReplCDN, a name safe for both aprties.

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in our project we simply used replit’s logo in the icon and even claimed that we were not affiliated with replit and we still were threatened by replit’s lawyers

luckily I’m not using replit’s logo by itself, and should probably add custom art sooner or later (replacing the old replit logo.

we didn’t eighter. it was only part of it.

@python660 how about GitSwiftCDN? It adds Git (prefix of GitHub) to show it uses GitHub and swift as in fast or efficient.
I even made a logo:
White background:

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You’re the only one who agrees with “FreeReplCDN”
Also here’s a list of names for you:

  • CatCDN
  • SpaceCDN
  • FileVault
  • FileBank ← my favourite one

a consensus has been reached: GitCDN wins (5 votes to 3, as of now).

Also, is it a violation of github, or is it fine to create a github org that is titled “GitCDN”?

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I don’t think so, since there are other websites called GitCDN.
But I don’t think you should call it that, since GitHub has its own CDN (raw.githubusercontent.com)

thats the problem. what should the github (user) name be?

GitHub does not own the naming rights to Git. Git is an open-source version control system, and GitHub is just a code hosting platform that vitalizes Git.

(Funny enough though, Git’s source code is on GitHub. So what came first, GitHub or Git?)

ah, I see. so hopefully its not taken on github. lemme check right now…

EDIT: it is :cry:

@python660 how about mine? AFAIK nobody uses it I searched over Google and found nothing, and it combines the elements you want.