What provider should I use to purchase domains?

I’m very new to this html stuff and one of the first things that I feel like every website should get is a custom domain but the thing is short domains are always take or they cost a insane amount of money even though its just 3 letters with .com/.net the main reason why I’m asking is just because I wanted to also know what some opinions are on custom domains and maybe have someone educate me on why the short ones are so expensive compared to a slightly longer one. Lastly, I’m making this because of domain linking and just wanting to know what provider I should use. The domain I’m planning on getting is only $10 :clap:

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It depends on the domain name, not its length. Some domain names are in higher demand, such as org and com, while some aren’t so popular.


Thanks guys for all the response/replies I asked about the prices of domains because I saw this

There’s a pretty good article for that: Premium Domain Names: Why Are They So Expensive? | Zazz


How come your domain costs so much though? I got mine for only around $10 and it’s a .com

The domain he showed was a Premium one.

What I meant was, how come dgb is Premium?

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Because it’s 3 letters I think. IIRC really short ones are expensive.

Cloudflare has a domain registrar here which is pretty well known. There’s also Namecheap and Register. I’ve never used them because I’m poor because I haven’t needed to, but maybe you should look into them.

I used https://hostinger.com. They have very cheap domains with hosting included.

I used https://hostinger.com. They have very cheap domains with hosting included. I bought a .net domain for 9.99/year.

Hey, I use hostinger too!


using namecheap, less than a dollar a year if it’s your first…

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Oh, that is so cool! Hostinger has the same too, but I thought you were trying to get a .net

I find Google Domains to be a good solution

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