What project should our team make?

Some of you will know the last poll I made, and I didn’t like that poll, because we can’t make games nor can we make forums.

i really want to do ShaderShare, i have so many cool ideas.

  • ShaderShare - Shader sharing website
  • Dense - chat app
  • Other website - say in comments!
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It was my BDay yesterday, but I forgot Replit even existed. Sorry for being inactive!

If you want to work on one of these with me, then gladly tell me.


Just so you know I’m not patient, and I don’t want to wait. So im closing the poll :frowning: and working on ShaderShare


actually, i can open it again.

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What is “sharing shaders” supposed to mean?

Also, happy birthday!

(Wow, when you don’t have a title, that cake really loos like the actual one you get)

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I’d recommend a chat app for learning about websockets and stuff, but it’s too common when making a project that you want to stand out.

(I wrote the above just to correct your grammar. It’s “which”, not “what”).

Happy birthday for yesterday! :tada:

ShaderShare sounds awesome! It would be awesome to have a place to be able to write and test shaders on Replit :smile:


Shaders are some code (probably the most common version now is GLSL, OpenGL Shading Language) written to calculate the colour of pixels and vertices. They run on the GPU, they can do some awesome stuff; triple A games are probably the most common place you’d find these being used, probably also in animation. Sharing them would presumably just mean a site where you can write shaders and browse other people’s shaders.


It would be like Replit(or any other online IDE), but specifically designed to make shaders, and only shaders. Those shaders can be shared with other people publicly. I may add a conversion feature for converting a shader ( GLSL Format ) to different shader formats.


We might also be able to make a node graph editor built-in along with the normal text editor.

my internet is being terrible today

someone please make ShaderShare win

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Interesting. Well good luck making an IDE

Happy birthday BTW

On your birthday. Sadge.

Oh I just realized that it’s a status and not your actual birthday.


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it looks like dense won


Dense, this seems like a good project to work on. A multi-purpose chatting application for users to engage in, good luck with this project though it won’t be easy.


How about I work on both :slight_smile: