What price is fair for integrating Twilio Flex with a Replit Chrome Extension?

We’re looking to build a simple, yet functional application on Replit that integrates with Twilio Flex for live tech support. The application will allow users to toggle between two modes: seeker (who needs tech support) and helper (who provides tech support).

In its most basic form, a seeker can click on a phone icon in any Replit session, which will then connect them to the first available helper in a first-in, first-out (FIFO) pipeline system via voice and video through Twilio Flex.

Key features for this MVP include:

  • User mode toggling (seeker and helper)
  • Replit session access
  • Twilio Flex integration for voice and video calls
  • Basic FIFO pipeline system for helper availability

This project requires proficiency in JavaScript, familiarity with Replit and Twilio Flex APIs, and a basic understanding of FIFO systems.

Hey @AhmadHammoud8 , welcome to the forums!
This sounds like you may want to post a Replit Bounty!
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@AhmadHammoud8 I have also removed the tags replit-bounties and replit-cycles from your topic as yhey are irrelevant to your request.

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Yeah. They do.

I think they’re asking what a fair price would be, so, no, those tags aren’t irrelevant.


Hello @AhmadHammoud8 !

I do not know how replit bounties work, but I can give a little help about costs.

Last week I made an integration with Twillio and WhatsApp, I charged $300 for the project. I discovered that was the common price in the market so I believe that wans’t overlycharged.

The cost was for one app integration (whatsapp) with a simple chat-flow. (A bot per se). Anything more complex the price would go to $500 or more. Since your project takes more work I believe it will be more pricey too.

Hope this helps!