Part 1: Shells

They are the program that runs when you open up the terminal.
Some common examples include…

  • Bash Unix Shell bash
  • Bourne Shell sh
  • Debian Almquist Shell dash
  • “Friendly Interactive” Shell fish
  • Z Shell zsh
  • C Shell csh
  • GRUB (just hold down the PC’s power button)
  • Microsoft Powershell pwsh
Full List


  • Amiga CLI/Amiga Shell

Unix-like systems[edit]

There are many variants of Unix shell:

Microsoft Windows[edit]


Unix/Linux compatibility layer and POSIX subsystem[edit]


Main article: CP/M


Main article: DOS

  • COMMAND.COM, the default command-line interpreter
  • 4DOS, a compatible, but more advanced shell by JP Software
  • NDOS, provided with some versions of the Norton Utilities


Main article: OS/2

IBM i[edit]

Main article: IBM i

Apple computers[edit]

Mobile devices[edit]

  • DROS, Java ME platform based DOS-like shell for smartphones

Network routers[edit]

Main article: Network router

Minicomputer CLIs[edit]



Language systems[edit]


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Scientific and engineering software[edit]

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Programming languages[edit]

Main article: scripting programming language

Database queries[edit]

  • sqsh, a shell available with some SQL implementations for database queries and other tasks.
  • Google Shell, a browser-based front-end for Google Search
Top 3 used shells
  • bash
  • sh
  • dash
  • fish
  • zsh
  • csh
  • PowerShell
  • GRUB
  • Other (please comment!)
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Part 2: OS

The software that runs after your computer’s hardcoded BIOS and bootloader.

Most used OSes
  • MacOS
  • Windows <10
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11
  • Debian
  • Ubuntu XfCE
  • Ubuntu KDE
  • Kali Linux
  • Arch Linux
  • Other linux distro
  • Other other (please comment!)
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Your top OS architecture
  • x86_64
  • x86_32
  • arm64
  • arm32
  • Other 64 bit (please comment!)
  • Other 32 bit (please comment!)
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Part 3: Command-line text editor

seriously, is it just me who uses emacs?

Top 2 used editors
  • Emacs
  • vi/vim
  • nano
  • basic > syntax in bash
  • awp in bash
  • GUI Notepad/Notepad++
  • GUI TextEdit
  • GUI (How dare you use GUI editors?!?!?) Other
  • Other (please comment!)
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Part 4: Browsers

Your browser basically dictates your entire browsing experience, ranging from broken (such as IE) to laggy (Google Chrome).

Most used browser
  • Google Chrome
  • Google’d Chromium
  • Non-Google Chromium
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Edge
  • IE <11
  • IE 11
  • wget/curl
  • Emacs EWW
  • Other (please comment!)
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Part 5: $PS1

It’s the starting point for almost all of your CLI commands.

Preferred PS1
  • user@hostname: dir$
  • sh 1.2%
  • user@hostname: curr_dir%
  • [user@hostname] $
  • Other (please comment!)
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Tbh I hate this but I don’t have anything nicer right now. I did, but then I opened my .bashrc file with LibreOffice Writer instead of a text editor and it corrupted it. I had to start over and now I am stuck with this until I take the time to change it. Before that, I had it without the brackets and the text was a fun blue color instead of white.

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Let’s just say I don’t know more than half the things you are talking about.
What is the Shell on my laptop?

Do you use Windows? If so, its both Command Prompt (batch) and Powershell.

I’m guessing if your laptop is modern, your architecture is x86_64. Anything else you are confused about?


Wait is it Bash or Batch
Also, what’s Command Line editor and $PS1?

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It’s Batch, but I don’t think it was listed.

Command Line editor would be like Visual Studio Code (or some IDE) but inside of your terminal. Common examples are vim and nano. PS1 is just what string is displayed on every line in your terminal.

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It’s all Linux stuff.

Bash: Linux command line
Batch: Windows command line


For my $PS1, I usually set it to random things, using a cool hack I learned.

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Has anyone here used Pop! OS?

Top OS Architecture: RISC-V is the new popular architecture, after ARM blocked Huawei.
Google, Meta/Facebook, Amazon, nVidia, AliBaba, Tencent, Huawei… all the big Multi-National Corporations are developing their own RISC-V processors !
The latest developments in consumer RISC-V gadgets are LicheePi 16GB RAM Tablet, micro-Laptop , & Milk-V 64 Core + 128GB RAM + AMD GPU workstation/server.