What kind of developer am I?

What kind of developer is @SnakeyKing?
  • Frontend Developer
  • Backend Developer
  • Data Scientist
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Btw don’t tell other people what you voted

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You or me? I’m confused. I guess I’m backend.

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I guess I have to change it.

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Idk what you do but you’ve said recently that you’re not a backend developer

Umm… I’ve changed the topic…

I’ve done Fullstack but I’m better at Frontend. You’ve done similar stuff to me sike, i don’t actually know I’ve worked with Snakey like once


Simple look at your profile reveals all…

everyone I closed the poll.
Looks like I’m a frontend dev
I heard frontend devs have less salary than backend devs

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Well, the community seems to think you’re a Frontend dev, but what kind of dev do you think you are?

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I don’t know. That’s why I made this poll.
I took a quiz on BloomTech 2 times, the first time it said I was a frontend dev the second time data scientist.
The first time I took that quiz, I was disappointed because I wanted to be a backend developer but now I realize I’m not that much into backend.
And btw, I don’t really find databases and maths interesting.

So, I think I’m a Frontend Dev.

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You mean you haven’t started coding yet, and you are trying to find your choice? don’t let a quiz choose for you, choose yourself!


If you have good experience with Python or node or even php you’re probably backend and if you do html css and js then you are frontend.

But just because you are frontend/backend it does not mean you can’t be both (which is referred to as “fullstack”. Even if you’re not into a part of it, if you still learn and master it then you still are that type of dev.