What Is A Free Alternative To ChatGPT for Python?

What’s a alternative to chatGPT that has little to no rate limits that I can use in a Python project?

PikaWriter is like Ghostwriter but a free extension. It’s made by PikachuB2005 who is a very intelligent and respected community member.

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No, I think you misunderstood me. I’d like to make a Python project that uses an AI.

See this topic for some info. AIs take a lot of resources so you might want to boost your Repl.

Which AI would you recommend?

Try using one of the many chatgpt reverse proxies (e.g. ████)

EDIT: I will gladly PM you, but too many users will probably cause it to shut down

How? (Whoops I accidentally marked it as solution for a second there XD)

EDIT: Great.

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Go to GitHub and search for gpt4free. It is a highly-maintained Python library with numerous APIs that enable you to interact with GPT-3.5-TURBO without limitations for free. Some versions include GPT-4, although this may vary and not always work due to the addition of Cloudflare protection, an authorization system, or discontinued hosting of the provider/s.


Hi! There is a Openai_api_base called api.hypere.app that you can get a free apikey for. read the website on how to use it. It is 100 percent free unless you want to use GPT-4 and then you have to donate!

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The discord is broken (i know that bc i visited it before)

Yeah but the program hasn’t been working, has it?

Which one? The foxgpt?

yep! Use that and you should be good to go! (once they get it working)

It won’t, so don’t get your hopes up. FoxGPT was archived; you can check GitHub for confirmation. It was abandoned, and the successor is NovaAI. Also, FoxGPT uses gpt4free (the same library I mentioned, which is probably the best you will find, no doubt).

Cool. Could you give a code example of gpt4free? also do you need a api key to use it?

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I fixed AnirudhGPT API, a stable OpenAI reverse proxy, you can P.M me for access.


Yeah! @RedCoder this is really good. It is free but it is awesome. I use it for my discord bot! Thank you for making it @techwithanirudh


Does it support GPT-4?

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