What happened to the Contributor badges?

A bit of context for those who don’t know what they are: the contributor badges were monthly Discourse badges given out by the forum staff for contributing at least 1 post for that month on Ask.

The last one given out from what I know was June 23, and since then, no more have been given out. Is there any reason why this could be?

A bit of digging shows @IanAtCSTeach working on a July 23 badge, however manually incrementing badge IDs on the badge paths (/badges/:id) doesn’t seem to yield another badge.

Ian also says this:

Could it be the badges have just been forgotten or is there another reason I can’t seem to find?


First you need some context. Ian started the monthly badges and he was the only staff member that maintained it. We had community members make ideas and we finilzed one but Replit staff never properly awarded it as they waited until after the first.


Would it be possible to have them return in some way? Maybe as a sort of increase in challenge to get them also, not just post once and be guaranteed to get it (e.g. post at least 10 times per month, topics + replies)


Yes its still possible to award it but it would require modifying the SQL query so its a lot harder. As for that idea we cant. We cant award badges with an SQL query since we are not on enterprise.

How we awarded the monthly badges

Ian downloaded the results of the SQL query, formatted it than bulk awarded it manuly with an csv


Wait but what’s the problem with the current idea? Is it that the Staff have no time to do this?


Basically Ian handled it monthly, it was a very manual process, not automated, and now that Ian’s no longer part of the team no one else has picked up where he left off.


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