What Game Would Blow Up?

What game would blow up on replit.com?

What Game could I build, that would blow up on replit.com?

The reason being is, I lost my last Replit account, that had cycles, and followers. Right now currently I got 0 followers, and no plays on Replit. So what could I build that would blow up on replit.com?


@SketchxGFX The key to building a successfully project on Replit is something that is like none other. It must draw attention, while at the same time being actively intriguing and have the possibility to inspire new creations!
Some things that would be great on Replit could be:

  • Something that directly connects to the Replit Community
  • Useful tools, such as things that draw forks
  • Tutorials

Try to make an alternate simplified version of a game that’s recognizable, or one you enjoy.

Though I haven’t really looked at what gets popular in replit, here’s my opinion:

For games, there’s probably 3 routes you could go:

  • Create a well polished game that’s small and simple but fun, requiring some skill. Puzzle, bullet hell, and physics-based are possible genres. People can play it a ton. Either good execution or good design.
  • Create a large, quite polished game with good design, which takes a ton of effort. Doesn’t quite make sense for replit, and multiple smaller games would probably be better.
  • Create a knockoff or clone of a recognizable game, which is good to hook people in. Bigger games are more impressive.

good luck with that

consider adding new and “novel/original” features

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